Edinburgh Fringe 2017

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What Would Kanye Do? Follows the fantasies and fears of aspiring rapper Marcy as she struggles to justify her irrational love for a divisive rap star. Marcy raps and rhymes through her feelings about race and gender, but white guilt lurks ominously in the wings..

How do we recover when our hero betrays us? What happens when we realise our icons are human?

Writer and Performer                      Clare Marcie

Direction and Script Support          Sarah Short

Sound Design                                    Alex Mackay

Producing Support                           Stephanie Katie Hunter


Clare recently completed a successful run of her solo show What Would Kanye Do? at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As part of the run she was invited to be a panelist as part of Playwrights’ Studio Scotland’s talkfest at the Traverse Theatre.

She was honoured to be shortlisted for the coveted Scottish Arts Club Theatre Award.

Check out collated media reactions here: Storify What Would Kanye Do?

Here are some nice things people said about the show:

The 730 Review – Matt Owen ★★★★

“She develops her own format and crafts a show which is near-impossible to pigeonhole or categorise. The continual flow of rhythmic monologuing appears entirely impromptu, but on further inspection it seems apparent that considered and careful writing has gone into each sequence. The result is a character that feels extraordinarily convincing and present to the point where lines blur between character and performer. At its core, it seems WWKD? is a multi-form exploration into the psyche of the troubled Marcy, and on this level, it is a resounding success.”

The Herald – Neil Cooper

 “Clare Marcie’s monologue may last just over half an hour or so, but it manages to pack in an album’s worth of commentary on identity, white guilt and the failures of our would be gurus as young wannabes like Marcy attempt to become themselves. Marcie the actress is an unfettered fireball as her near name-sake in Sarah Short’s production.”

Listen to Clare speaking about the show with the lovely Gordon Douglas of Broadway Baby here:





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