A poem from Rough Mix

As part of my involvement in Rough Mix earlier this year, I got to create a poem out of play titles from the past 15 years of the Basement building (including plays staged by Silo Theatre when they were there).

I’ve always enjoyed creating poems out of found words, and encountered some excellent play titles in the process, including the brilliantly titled show ‘Sit on my face or get out of my life’. That title really made me giggle.

What a joy to get to dive into Auckland’s theatre history, a history I must admit I was not well acquainted with prior to moving here.

Below is the poem I created out of this research, which I must’ve forgotten to include initially. Thanks to the wonderful Sophie Bannan for giving me free reign to play with words:


Boys in the band take the women out
after dark
this is the glimmer
Torn stars lick the alien past
my butterfly
my taniwha sister
imaginary ocean
Beast in the woods,
find me,

start fires
as the soft mad children dance,
Needie & hungry,
we shot the attic door –
snorted dead celery
real jobs clanging.
Daddy’s giant teeth f

New Auckland: