What Would Kanye Do?

An experimental solo performance about hip hop, ego & identity

What Would Kanye Do development

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What Would Kanye Do

What Would Kanye Do? was an experimental solo show that I wrote and performed.

Here's some info about the where/when and how of WWKD:

In 2017 I received Creative Scotland funding for a developmental run of WWKD at Hidden Door Festival in Leith.

I then went on to perform WWKD at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017 for 19 nights.

What Would Kanye Do? was featured in  Playwright's Studio Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Fest show guide.

Playwright's Studio Scotland run an event called Talkfest at the Traverse Theatre every Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and as part of this I participated in a panel discussion (alongside Julia Croft, Gareth Nicholls & Neil Cooper) titled 'Pop goes the Theatre' - exploring the use of pop music in theatre, chaired by playwright Nicola McCartney.

What Would Kanye Do? was shortlisted for the Scottish Arts Club Theatre Award (aka The Flying Artichoke).



Clare Marcie grinning
Clare Marcie

Writer & Performer

Sarah Short
Sarah Short

Director & Script support

Stephanie K Hunter
Stephanie K Hunter

Producing support

Alex Mackay
Alex Mackay

Sound Design

  • "Clare Marcie’s performance channels some serious Bo Burnham vibes...What Would Kanye Do? is an interesting and unique exploration into a character’s identity in an engaging format. With music, comedy and reflection, this is a varied and impressive piece with a central writer/performer with bucketloads of talent and vision." - Matt Owen the 730 Review

  • “#WhatWouldKanyeDo is a blisteringly intelligent, complex deconstruction of white privilege & it's place in pop culture.” – Theatre Maker Claire Willoughby on Twitter

  •  “Clare Marcie’s monologue may last just over half an hour or so, but it manages to pack in an album’s worth of commentary on identity, white guilt and the failures of our would be gurus as young wannabes like Marcy attempt to become themselves. Marcie the actress is an unfettered fireball as her near name-sake in Sarah Short’s production.” - Neil Cooper the Scottish Herald

  • “STOP NOW & book a ticket to firebrand & furiously clever/tender spoken word/rap/solo miracle that is Clare Marcie” – Poorboy Theatre on Twitter

Listen to my interview about the show with the lovely Gordon Douglas of Broadway Baby:

Here's some info about the why/what of WWKD:

What Would Kanye Do? Follows the fantasies and fears of aspiring kiwi rapper Marcy as she struggles to justify her irrational love for a divisive rap star. Marcy raps and rhymes through her feelings about race and gender, but white guilt lurks ominously in the wings..

How do we recover when our hero betrays us? What happens when we realise our icons are human?

I made this show to explore a mixture of curiosities: my growing love of hip hop, my feminist frustrations, my deepening awareness of white privilege, and the rise of a leader in America who operated from a place of pure unadulterated and unfiltered ego.

I was particularly annoyed by my need to play likable characters on stage, and had secretly begun harboring a desire to portray irredeemable/problematic characters such as Shakespeare's Richard the third.

WWKD was my attempt at playing an absurd, privileged, entitled, frustrated and ultimately infuriating person. It was a truly challenging task, and one I don't think I fully achieved. However, I DID learn a great deal about the process of theatre making, collaboration & dedication. I remain very grateful for this experience.


Anna Krzystek

Anna Krzystek

Anna Krzystek was Creative Scotland’s Interdisciplinary Performance Officer and a world-renowned choreographer and dance artist. She died tragically in an accident on Friday 24 November 2017.

Not only was she the reason that What Would Kanye Do? received development, she was also a deeply generous and supportive soul, who inspired me to respect my audience, my work, myself.

Thank you Anna, you are missed x